Arts and culture

Arts and culture

Cultural diversity and art

Thanks especially to the President Leopold Sedhar Senghor, composer of the National Anthem, the Senegal privileged arts and culture very early.

Many infrastructures and events where created, resulting in many generations of artists, some known worldwide : painters, musicians, dancers... The art galleries will give you a general idea, and also Dak’art, the african art exhibition, whereas the muses of Dakar and Saint Louis will guide you from the traditional culture to contemporary art.

Discover also glass painting, which is an art and style typically senegalese, or hair styles of Senegal.

To know a country, first you must visit the markets, go and encounter its craft industry.

It is also very insightful to know the different branches of religion and the various beliefs that exist in Senegal , that guides people’s every day life.

Discover also the media landscape, which in senegal is particularly rich : today there are seven daily newspapers and around twenty weekly and bimonthly publications. Next to the Radio Television Senegalese (RTS), who keeps the monopole of the radio and television diffusion and maintains full concessions of the public service, there are however seven private radio stations that you can also listen to, in line with a few private cable stations.

Discover also the colors of Senegal during the African Football Cup.

Last, many cultural centers, Senegalese and foreign, have their doors opened to the public with many different events. Check the cultural calendar so you don’t miss a beat !